Wayuu Classic Unisex Sombrero with Pompoms


Filigrana-Artisans is introducing the tribal majestic weaving work of the Wayuus. On each Wayuu wearable piece, we find distinctive  cultural patterns and symbols.

We are working with a community partner in an effort to provide additional exposure of the Wayuus weaving art. Ethically made for you!

Artisans of the Wayuu tribe weave these gorgeous and sophisticated hats with natural, organic straw-like fibers they call Mawisa. The plants where it comes from look like and grow similarly to bamboo plants.

Mawisa straw provides a durable material for Wayuu artisans to weave. Their weaving art is flawless. These plants multiplies, and it requires minimal effort and time to harvest.


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Additional Information

Colombian Marisa Organic Fibers

Handmade by:

Wayuu natives in Colombia

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