Natural Up-cycled Genuine Python Leather Black Clutch


Our natural up-cycled python bags are limited and OOAK. Our python up-cycled leather is soft and are handmade in a variety of color patterns and combinations. Besides, the wallets are large providing compartments to keep your exotic piece organized.

Filigrana Artisans works endlessly to curate handmade artistry that will provide our customers the sense of buying beauty and uniqueness without paying the high priced labels. We build relationships with our craftsmen and their communities. Giving them incentives to help them feel proud and appreciated. The majority of our global artistry work has been done by tribal communities for decades, if not over 100 years. The handmade art is at the very core of their cultural identity and lives. It is not just work they sell, it is part of who they are. They are all skilled hardworking people. And, an intergenerational dynamic taking place as they work as a community keeping their children learning from the parents, their grandparents, their uncles, and so on. To us that is priceless!

Our purpose is to keep developing relationships with tribal groups and native Artisans, and as an example, the collaboration between the master artisan who makes these gorgeous Python bags.

We aim to keep growing our direct trade initiatives and to help these artisans and the craftsmen preserve their traditional artistry for generations to come.

Ethically and Eco-conscious made!

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Up-cycled Natural python leather

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