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Filigrana Artisans Mission


Our mission is to bring joy to our customers and to become a platform where each artisan’s work of art could have good exposure. As a family who loves and honors God, we valued honesty and enjoy serving others. We are thriving to become a source of blessing to many, and to win our customers trust. This is certainly a new venture, but we confidently believe that, by holding onto our Christian values, we will see the fruits of our labor. As a small family owned business, Filigrana Artisans is committed to sharing God’s love with all people!


Artsy & Hard to Find Designs


We strive to bring to jewelry fans exquisite artsy pieces. We are constantly on a quest to find artisans that are passionate about creating a work of art on each jewelry piece they create. Gifted artisans that are working to preserve the natural beauty of each stone and gem. Surely, we are not a mass production jewelry business, we constantly dedicate time to choose unique designs. Each jewelry piece from filigrana-artisans is glimpse and reflection of the beauty of nature!



We provide unique and distinct artisan-made jewelry pieces.


1. Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

2. Wide Range to Choose From

3. Top Class Craftsmanship      

4. Affordable Jewelry Creations



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