Copper & Brass Masterfully Hand-Crafted


Our South African copper & brass collection is hand crafted by skillful artisans who are deeply inspired by the sights & sounds of ancient Africa. This collection is a reflection of a unique mix of African, traditional and modern design. The jewelry is hand finished by burnishing and heat treating which brings out the earthy colors that make it so unique. It is our true desire that you could enjoy the natural benefits of wearing copper, while at the same time, you will be wearing unique jewelry pieces that have capture the beauty of the South African culture.

Copper therapeutic properties are many. It is said that copper aids in detoxifying the body–which is why it can turn your skin green–its natural properties are drawing toxins from the body through the skin. Copper is also known to relieve arthritis pain. Brass offers the same healthy benefits as copper.

We are offering a line of Chokers, Cuffs and Earrings that are not found in stores. Prices are extremely competitive & the designs are ethnic and gorgeous. Copper has lots of health benefits.