The Sophistication of Pearls: they are always appropriate

There exist two precious stones which we can call “forever classics” – diamond and pearls. Classy pearls have been a symbol of purity, delicacy and wealth for many years and every season these luxurious gems fortify a position in jewellery world.

Pearls are the only precious stones which don’t need processing. And the first who realized the aesthetic perfection and real usefulness of it were the Chinese. They started to use it like money and later all the high powered civil servants wore these precious stones in their headwear to emphasize their power and social rank.

One of the most fabulous, rare and famous pear shaped pearl La Peregrina has changed a lot of owner. The first owner of the magnificent stone was Mary Tudor of England; Philip II presented it to her on the occasion of their engagement in 1554. Later this nature masterpiece shone in collections of Queen Margarita, Queen Isabel and Napoleon III Bonaparte. And in 1969 Richard Burton bought La Peregrina for 37 000$ and presented it to Elizabeth Tailor for her thirty-seventh birthday. Elizabeth changed the necklace on her own perfect taste, and Cartier transformed it into an elegant and classy chocker with pearls, ruby, diamonds and La Peregrina.

Famous Coco Channel adored these tiny white precious stones and used to say that a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. She liked to wear more than one strand of pearls and perfectly matched it with little black dresses, elegant sweaters and short jackets. Mademoiselle Channel confirmed that woman of any age could make any outfit looks elegant and feminine wearing beautiful pearls.