Choker – a short, tight-fitting necklace
The hottest trend of the coming season, choker, has already come through few waves of popularity. What immediately come to my mind are grungy nineties, when every girl who was 12 and older wore this tight-fitting necklace, which looked like webbing. But in fact chokers become en vogue long-long before.

Chokers in different historical periods
Similar necklaces were worn by Native Americans – they were made of bones, glass or shells. These ancient accessories were used not only by women and not only for decorative purposes – men wore such collars as a defense while hunting or fighting.


Nowadays chokers necklace are popular in eastern Africa among Maasai people. According to their culture accessories are designed not only to decorate, but also to indicate the civil and material status and even to denote some special events in the life

In Europe chokers became particularly fashionable during the French Revolution. At that time French women filleted their necks with red tape in order to pay the tribute to the memory of “victims of the guillotine.” Soon ladies started to decorate these tapes with stones, beads or embroidery, and after a couple of years that trend overtook the neighboring countries – Spain and England.


A hundred years later, in 1800, chokers have gained a very different context – a black ribbon on the neck became an attribute of the courtesans and prostitutes. But later one very influential person changed the history and brought back the propriety to this necklace.

Danish Princess Alexandra used to travel a lot to India and loved local jewellery. Moreover she had a big scar on the neck, which she always tried to hide. Therefore the princess told her jeweller to make a tight-fitting necklace with pearls set on a velvet ribbon. Needless to say that by next year all the ladies wore the same jewellery made of lace, gems and gold.

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We already know that ideal way to transform the outfit and make it look fresh and stylish is jewelry. And nothing can tackle this task better than great, bright and massive statement jewelry. The biggest advantage is that this striking piece needs no additional accessories. You can try it on with the bravest looks but be careful, as an erroneous match can turn your outfit into disaster. The perfect way not to go wrong is to make an outfit around one massive statement piece or to make a balance between each part of your look.

Marvelous massive bracelets in minimalistic style, fabulous rings with gemstones, luxurious, shiny necklaces and other statement pieces can change casual into classy and underline a part of the body.

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Thanks to the fashion runways, statement earrings just made a comeback. However, many women feel that they are a pretty tricky accessory. After all, no one wants to look as if she is trying too hard to impress and stand out. But there is no need to avoid these daring yet charming items. As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you can look classy every time you wear statement earrings and use them to your advantage to compliment your features.

These are the most frequently used statement earrings:

Chandelier Earrings

They are by far the boldest option and the ideal ones if you want to feel like a diva. They are sparkly, glamorous and downright luxurious. Whenever you wear them, make sure you wear a fancy outfit. They are most suita...

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Green is color for spring. It reminds fresh March air, April sprouts and May flowers. There is something organic and elegant in this color that makes jewelry look especially sophisticated. When we think about iridescent precious stones, emerald comes first into mind, but there exist wide variety of gems in green, wider than any other color, like, sapphire, peridot, jade and prehnite.

The most precious and unique is green diamond. It appears as a result of irradiation of white diamond. Jewelry with such diamonds looks fabulous and extraordinary, showing noble and sophisticated taste of its owner. Among different diamonds, greenish ones occur less often than white and yellow but is more common that black and pink. The biggest in the world ...

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There exist two precious stones which we can call “forever classics” – diamond and pearls. Classy pearls have been a symbol of purity, delicacy and wealth for many years and every season these luxurious gems fortify a position in jewellery world.

Pearls are the only precious stones which don’t need processing. And the first who realized the aesthetic perfection and real usefulness of it were the Chinese. They started to use it like money and later all the high powered civil servants wore these precious stones in their headwear to emphasize their power and social rank.

One of the most fabulous, rare and famous pear shaped pearl La Peregrina has changed a lot of owner. The first owner of the magnificent ston...

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