Filigrana Artisans was born due to the passion of its culturally diverse family love towards the richness found in the diverse cultures handmade artistry. We take the time to collaborate directly with those creating each handmade piece, as we say, “out of nothingness”. Within the craftsmen communities there is the distinctive element we have long lost; families work together from the youngest to the oldest, and communities are involved in the process of making the work by hand. We are building up relationships and giving hope to communities of hardworking women and men who could support their families by our direct trade initiative. Our Artisans and craftsmen are grateful and hopeful with our collaboration, even when it cannot support the work of a large group, it is, indeed, making a difference in their lives.  At the same time, we aim at supporting the effort of skilled world artisans working with Eco-friendly elements and repurposed or organic materials. Neither to say, Filigrana Artisans is Eco-friendly and fair traded committed as advocates of human rights and dignity, and for the preservation of the uniqueness found in cultural identities around the world; we are One!

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