At Filigrana Artisans, we expose the work of artisans from different parts of the world to our clients. We are driven at bringing our customers in contact with unique and ethnic jewelry and accessories, while at the same time, will help you increase your appreciation of cultures and traditions of people groups around the world. We also aim at supporting the humble beginnings of highly skilled artisans from several countries. Eco-friendly and Fair Traded is also a distinctive of our work as advocates for human rights and for the development of the work of native artisans in the various countries we have partnered with.


If you are in search of ideas for an ideal gift to present to a loved one or someone special, you will make a wise decision by choosing from our unique and artsy jewelry. We have dedicated time to bring handmade pieces that are a perfect manifestation of the beauty, diversification and reflection of other cultures. Regardless of whom you are selecting jewelry for; there is a plethora of reasons why you should invest in 925 silver jewelry, ethnic, copper, brass, bamboo bags, silk scarves, organic, fair traded and sustainable handcrafts from around the world!