How is Filigrana Artisans Different?

Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

We provide unique and distinct artisan-made jewelry pieces. With Filigrana-Artisans, you will find that each organic tagua pieces, 925 sterling silver ring, necklace or earrings, copper or brass is one of its kind. You are guaranteed to find a jewelry piece that will fit your persona and style. With handmade jewelry, you will definitely make a bold and yet, elegant statement!

Wide Range of Timeless Jewelry Pieces to Choose From

At Filigrana Artisans, we have searched for jewelry pieces that are a reflection of beauty of different cultures from around the world. We are continuously working on establishing an exclusive pool of artisans, and have recently partnered with jewelry designers and goldsmiths from Turkey and South Africa. We make every effort to specifically hand pick items that showcase their “out of the box” creative work. Moreover, Filigrana’s organic and handcrafted jewelry is sustainable and fair traded.



Top Class Craftsmanship

Our line of copper, organic and 925 sterling silver handcrafted jewelry is made by artisans who over time have continued to hone and fine-tune their craft and skills through constant work, practice and commitment. Their arts have been passed from generation to generation. They are incredible proud of their work of art. Each one of our artisans make use of time-tested traditional production techniques in creating masterpieces that are unique, long lasting and are exclusively designed.

As we are becoming a top ranking online jewelry shop for artsy and superb handmade jewelry, we make sure that only the best items are offered to our ever-growing client base. When you purchase from Filigrana-Artisans you are supporting an artisan who has dedicated long hours of work and dedication to making timeless jewelry pieces.


Affordable Jewelry Items

We ensure that the items found in our online store are competitively priced and because we have lower overhead costs as opposed to other handcrafted jewelry retailers, our products are way affordable. For instance, Filigrana’s 925 sterling silver handmade jewelry from Thailand is of superior quality and of high durability which makes a true investment.

When it comes to craftsmanship and design quality, handcrafted jewelry comes out on top when compared with mass-produced jewelry. For the craftsmen to continue working and coming out with the caliber of impressive creations, they need us all to appreciate their work. These artisans do what they do because it is at the center of who they are and not just a hobby. Filigrana-Artisans proudly supports the work of artisans who are making a difference in their communities by using their God given talents to overcome poverty and support their families.

Above all, Filigrana-Artisan is on a Christian mission to alleviate suffering and oppression by sharing the gospel in several countries. If you have questions about our mission, services or products, contact us today!