Tips to Wear Statement Earrings & Look Stylish

Thanks to the fashion runways, statement earrings just made a comeback. However, many women feel that they are a pretty tricky accessory. After all, no one wants to look as if she is trying too hard to impress and stand out. But there is no need to avoid these daring yet charming items. As long as you follow a few simple guidelines, you can look classy every time you wear statement earrings and use them to your advantage to compliment your features.

These are the most frequently used statement earrings:

Chandelier Earrings

They are by far the boldest option and the ideal ones if you want to feel like a diva. They are sparkly, glamorous and downright luxurious. Whenever you wear them, make sure you wear a fancy outfit. They are most suitable for special occasions when you are wearing your most flattering dresses.

Swarovski Statement EarringsSwarovski




Semi Circle Chandelier Earrings

Vintage Classics

These earrings boost the glamour as they are really sophisticated. They come in different shapes and sizes that preserve that timeless retro look. If you match them with a feminine outfit, they will most likely be your strongest asset to be classy and to step outside your fashion comfort zone. Pearls, gold and opaque gemstones are appropriate for the daytime as well as long as you don’t stick to sporty or casual outfits.

large-vintage-earringsCrystalJewells Reclaimed Vintage EarringsReclaimed


Hoop Earrings

They are pretty simple and give you that trendy boho look. Hoop earrings are very versatile as you can easily wear less adorned ones throughout the day and embellished ones that feature beads or rhinestones in the evening. Unlike all the others, they can be worn with less elegant outfits as well such as skinny jeans and a regular blouse.

Regal Rose Hoop Earrings
Statement Hoop Earrings
Lotus Brass Hoop EarringsTRIBALIK
Lotus Brass Hoop Earrings

Tassel Drop Earrings

These earrings can turn even a smart casual outfit into a chic one as they just make everything look classier. The tassels can be made of various materials such as tiny beads, chains, artificial silk and even leather or suede. Tassel drop earrings are ideal for an evening out with your friends as they are neither too elegant, nor too simple and can beautify your appearance in a snap.

Mercejewelry Tessel Earrings
Tassel Drop Earrings
House Of Harlow Sunburst Tassel Drop Earrings

Extra tips to look stylish when wearing statement earrings:

– Stick to one statement piece.

If you go for earrings, forget about other oversized or heavily adorned pieces. Irrespective of the occasion, the other accessories should be less dramatic. It’s best either to go for a very thin and simple necklace or to skip it altogether. The only piece that can be a bit shinier and heavy is the bracelet.

– Strapless dresses are ideal for these earrings.

When you have both your arms and your chest exposed, you might feel uncomfortable. An exquisite pair of earrings is exactly what you need to balance the look and to bring the attention to your face.

– Pick different earrings at the office.

Statement jewellery is not appropriate for an office environment. Keep things simple at work and go for bolder moves in your time off.

– Stay comfortable.

Make sure the earrings won’t risk getting tangled in scarves or other clothing items. This can lead to unpleasant and embarrassing situations that you will never forget. Many women ruined both silky scarves and beautiful earrings that got entangled.

– If you choose colorful earrings, it is best to try a monochromatic look.

Mixing many prints is too much and never looks stylish. When you make the accessory catch the attention, you can tone down the variety of shades of your clothes.

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