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Green Jewelry: from Green Emeralds to Peridots

Green is color for spring. It reminds fresh March air, April sprouts and May flowers. There is something organic and elegant in this color that makes jewelry look especially sophisticated. When we think about iridescent precious stones, emerald comes first into mind, but there exist wide variety of gems in green, wider than any other color, like, sapphire, peridot, jade and prehnite.

The most precious and unique is green diamond. It appears as a result of irradiation of white diamond. Jewelry with such diamonds looks fabulous and extraordinary, showing noble and sophisticated taste of its owner. Among different diamonds, greenish ones occur less often than white and yellow but is more common that black and pink. The biggest in the world is The Dresden Green Diamond, which is worth around $200 million.

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The most typical and known greenish gem is emerald. It is more common and more affordable yet precious. You can find it also in red, yellow and even black. Emerald is believed to be stone of successful love. I don’t know about love, but successful fashionista can easily make a fresh fashion statement wearing emerald accessories.

Jewelry with alexandrite looks unique and magical. Its basic color is green, but during day and night it can be changed from iridescent to yellow, pink and purple. This marvelous Russian gem is rarely used in jewellery nowadays, which makes it even more precious and unique.

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Jewelry with gypsy turquoise also occurs in green color, instead of usual blue. It is one of the most affordable stones, besides its bright hues are perfect for spring and summer. I will definitely add few statement rings with bohemian turquoise to my jewelry collection.

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There exist so many beautiful green gems that I just can’t insert them in one post. I really love splendid iridescent hues of jadeite, tourmaline, opal, sapphire, peridot, pearl and amber. But it’s up to you what kind of green gems to choose for this spring. Being green is easy; at least you can wear green jewelry.

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