Clever Ways to Wear Statement Jewelery

We already know that ideal way to transform the outfit and make it look fresh and stylish is jewelry. And nothing can tackle this task better than great, bright and massive statement jewelry. The biggest advantage is that this striking piece needs no additional accessories. You can try it on with the bravest looks but be careful, as an erroneous match can turn your outfit into disaster. The perfect way not to go wrong is to make an outfit around one massive statement piece or to make a balance between each part of your look.

Marvelous massive bracelets in minimalistic style, fabulous rings with gemstones, luxurious, shiny necklaces and other statement pieces can change casual into classy and underline a part of the body.

Follow advises how to make a fashion statement with massive jewelry and cause jealous and enthusiastic glances from fashionistas and all fashion lovers.

  1. Less brings more


Statement jewelry should be a center of your look, so do not try to wear all your favorite pieces at once as the outfit can become unbalanced and look rather ridiculous than stylish. One statement piece is enough for looking classy and trendy, but if you starve for overwhelming effect, take a risk and wear few pieces at once. In this case keep in mind two simple rules: 1) DO NOT wear two and more statement jewelry at one area. Cuff bracelets and massive ring together – NO, cuff bracelets and chandelier earrings – YES, fabulous necklace and stunning earrings – NO, necklace and cocktail ring – totally YES. 2) Avoid wearing different metals and a lot of colorful gems at once. Too many colors can make you look like a Christmas tree.

  1. Simple means classy


Simplicity is synonym of style. The best way to underline the magic beauty of big jewelry is to mix it with simple cloth. Avoid patterns and ornaments; leave it for less busy jewelry. The best way to freshen your little black, gray or white dress is to wear fabulous statement necklace, while ideal match for jeans and t-shirt is bright, massive bracelets or earrings.

Try on your small casual accessories with massive bright jewelry to make greater effect, but keep it in same colors.

  1. Select earrings sensibly
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Statement earrings are guileful and easy way to draw attention to your stylish personality. Choosing earrings make sure they fit your face shape and underline your features. The wrong pair can make your face looks disproportional.

Your hair is also important. You can make volume only with simple earrings, while elegant lock or loose waves will look gorgeous with statement pieces. Extremely stylish ponytail will also underline the beauty of your face and earrings. Don’t forget about make-up. Mix bright colorful earrings with nude make-up. In few words, keep the balance not to look ridiculous.

  1. Combine the right neckline with the right necklace
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Each neckline has its ideal necklace. Fancy statement pieces are ideal for v-necked, strapless or scoop necked tops and make jewellery a center of your look. Avoid halter necks, collars and necklines which are close to your face, as a statement piece will go amiss against such necklines. But a polo neck sweater in one color with fabulous necklace will look extremely stylish and chic. Prefer top in monochrome colors to underline the glory of your jewellery, the win-win option is to keep the outfit in black, nude or white colors and dilute it with bright colorful accessories.

  1. Take care of your hands
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Rings always draw attention to your hands. Choosing statement rings, make sure your hands are looking perfect and your nails have fresh manicure. Make sure your nails color matches the jewellery. Avoid nail design with glittering elements, crystals and bright colors, neutral pastel colors will underline statement ring advisably.

These statement pieces give a huge area for imagination and experiments. Have fun and play with them, trying on a few smaller rings at once or choose one which is the biggest and the brightest.

  1. Jewell your arms delicately
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Stylish cuff bracelets are also a great idea to show the beauty of your hands. Choose clothes with bare hands or wear bracelets over the self-coloured top with long slim-fitting sleeves.

One more variant is bangles. The main rules are to wear them on one hand only and not more than six pieces. Make sure every bangle completes one another and balances in colors, patterns and shapes. Don’t forget to try on a hot trend – metals mixing. Read  earlier post 25 Reasons Mixing Gold and Silver Jewellery.

  1. Choose statement jewellery that creates an outfit
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Statement jewellery assignment is to make a statement of course. Choose pieces that will add a main finishing touch and make you look divine. Fabulous chandelier earrings will perfectly match a maxi dress, while luxurious cuff is ideal for bold mini. Colorful beads will look nice with trendy bohemian outfit, while pearls are mast-have for fashionistas who want to have elegant polished look. And if you are romantic or tiffany nature, choose floral or vintage jewellery pieces.

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